Sunday, March 31

Goodbye beaches and sun

It's been an amazing month travelling all over south Asia. It's gonna be be difficult to go back to Beijing where it is a lot colder, air is bad and there are no beaches or things like here in the tropic. Internet will be blocked and slow again but that's just something to live with. Thanks to everyone on the way who dined and sheltered me :) 

Last night in Phuket. All you can eat BBQ for less than 10 euros. Ribs, steaks, salad, sauces etc etc. YUM! 

Some last days pictures. Huge Mosque in Lavender - Singapore
 My favorite fruit stand, they make any kind of fresh fruit just, sell a lot of different fruits and have amazing ice cold coconuts!
Spent almost whole day by the pool, only company I had was this bird washing himself
 Sunny and 34 degrees....awesooooome

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