Tuesday, March 26

Malacca for a day

Malacca (Malaysia) is an old Portugese port city dating back to the 17th century. After the Portugese ruled over it there were also Dutch colonists and later British. Malacca has some of Asia's oldest Dutch buildings so it's quite an interesting place if you like to look at old buildings. The city has stayed intact for a long time and it feels like going back in time here as well as it did in Penang. Arriving to Malacca takes about 4 hours from Singapore, it's only 230 km away and is pretty cheap by bus. Malacca is quite small, you will see everything in the city center in a few hours and then thats about it. there is a small fort called St. John's just 3km out of downtown but that's pretty much it. More than 1 or 2 nights is not needed to stay here. 
There are 2 parts of downtown, Little India and China town

 Xaviers Church which was packed on a Sunday
 The river that flows through the city

 Maritime museum which was one of the most lousy ones I have ever been to....it only looks good from the outside but inside nothing really to see. 
This was pretty much the only thing to look at inside
 Just outside downtown some unfinished jetty
 Top of the hill the oldest Dutch buildings in Asia
 St. John's old fort
Biggest Chinese cemetery outside of China. Someone important got himself a pretty cool grave

East side of Malacca
 Home-stay hotel, only 25 euro a night and breakfast was included
 Hotel living room....
Breakfast at hotel
Loads of different religions here too
Jonker Walk street
Chinese temple

Jonker Street, super crowded from morning to night! 
Bars by the river, cool place to have a drink in the night 
Town Square

 Boat rides on the river leave every 10 minutes

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