Thursday, March 7

Tiananmen, Forbidden City and Jingshan Park

A new governemtn was just elected in China. Now there is a new CCPC delegation that will be elected that should "represent" the people of China. The security has been topped up dramatically, it was the first day of the election when I walked around Tiananmen and there were soldiers, police, guards EVERYWHERE. I wonder if they did something to make all the pollution to go away because one day the sky was amazingly clear. One of the most clear days I have seen in Beijing. Great time to go out sightseeing and trying out the new camera. 

Qianmen, south of Tiananmen
 National Museum
 Gate between Forbidden City and Tiananmen feut one very famous man
 Military walking by at all time
 This is probably one of the most common places to take a picture from when your in Beijing
 Forbidden City was closed between 1.1-31.3
 Forbidden City surroundings

 Trash collectors all fighting for bottles people thrown in the lake

Entering Jingshan Park 
Views from Jingshan Park: Beihai tower (the white one)

  Forbidden City from Jingshan Park

 Could even see Guomao and downtown this clear day!

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