Wednesday, March 20

Multicultural Penang

There are so many temples of different religion on Penang and all over Malaysia for that matter. Mosques, Buddhist temples, Churches and Hindi temples around every corner and all people seem to get along well. The world should be like this everywhere and a lot of conflicts and problems could be avoided...

This kinda looks like a small model of the Notre Dam in Paris
 In the heart of Georgetown
 Hindi temple, mostly be found in Little India

One of the oldest Mosques in Gerogetown originally build for Indian Muslims back 100 years ago

A temple by the jettys
Main buddhist temple in Georgetown, Anna and the King movie was shot here

Amazingly detailed handicraft and painting

  Passed an art gallery in the street

The Pinang mansion is a home of a very rich Chinese family that used to live in Penang before, I have never even in China seen anything as stylish like this!

Pretty cool bedroom
 The "treasure" chamber, full of gold, jade, diamonds and silver
 Care to take a ride with a 3 wheeler around town sightseeings? :)
 This cafe had some cool graffiti done, a boy trying to reach for a Fanta bottle 
It's quite obvious that the city is still developing, modern skyscrapers to you right and to the other side houses that look like they are almost falling apart.

This is right next to the mall...

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