Sunday, March 3

元宵节 / Concerts and fireworks

The weather has been bad/good/bad/good varying from day to day a lot. In the evening it can be nice and clear but when waking up in the morning and looking out of the window can hardly see the buildings next to my flat. There was a 1 day sandstorm the other day and I could feel the smell inside the apartment and breathing wasn't nice at all. Have been wearing the gas mask a lot lately, the filters are already pretty darkish. Here are 2 pictures to show how much difference there can be in 2 days. 

Foot massage for 45 minutes just 3 euros, nice to sit down after some shopping 

Yuan Xiao Jie is the festival where Chinese Lunar year come to an end. It's celebrated with massive fireworks and eating small rice balls called pang yuan/yuan xiao. Outside looks and sounds like a warzone, fireworks going off everywhere. Air also full of smoke. People light fireworks in the streets and don't really think about the cars or other residents. There were a lot of traffic congestions since the ground is covered with used firework boxes and it's difficult to drive iver them...Only in China 

A lot of trash collectors have a busy night collecting the cardboard from the firework boxes. They take it to a sorting area where it is measured and get money for it. Recycling in China works better than anywhere else. If you want to get rid of something, there is always someone who will take it. 
Someone else was also photographing this collector in the background
Ground covered with firework remains
Remains...these boxes shoot out huge and beautiful fireworks
My friend invited me to a concert for Re-Tros (who we also filmed for my TV Serie "Mitt Nya Land"). After Re-Tros warm up a really cool band called Per Conspiracy also had a gig. They play rock + electronic music mixed and had a great performance too. Really awesome music!

@ Yugongyishan 愚公移山

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