Tuesday, March 5

Goa, 3 Sums & Wangfujing

GOA psychedelic trance played in Yugongyishan one evening, music was pretty good but why have it on a Sunday when most people need to work the day after...? Still, a lot of people showed up and there was a lot of glow in the dark stuff all around. Would be great to do hang around a longer time on a weekend! 

 Sun sets at the middle Kingdom, finally a nice evening without that much pollution
 3 Sums is a "to be opened" burger joint around Sanyuanqiao area. 3 Sums will offer a variety of 15 different burger taste everything from lamb, chicken, sweet potato, blue cheese, duck etc. Helped to do some of the demolishing of the old shop. There were cockroaches in the walls and the place has been kept in a really bad condition. Kitchen looks like something out of Silent Hill. There are only 3 weeks before the shop will open so I will post some pictures soon again of how the job is advancing. They will offer a set of 3 burgers for 58 rmb with a side dish + drink for lunch. More coming up later! Had a burger tasting and they are all amazing! 

A tree in the middle of the restaurant, the government does not allow cutting it down so its just to build the building around it. This will be made into a cool table
 Hell's Kitchen...
 A lot of small restaurants kitchens looks like this, wonder how much cockroaches and weird stuff I have eaten the last 5 + years in various restaurants around China...
 Wangfujing, the main shopping street of Beijing
 Cathedral in the heart of Beijing by Wangfujing
The arts museum just north of Wangfujing

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