Wednesday, March 13

To the south for about a month

Spring is coming, birthday is coming, a new year has just started and it's time to start a fresh new page! I will also change jobs in the coming weeks.

2 years + with Project Expeditors has gone by so fast and there has been so much invaluable experiences and great people I met in the line of work. I still remember the first day at the office when I didn't have much of a clue about how Logistics actually work. Now countless of factory visits, trips to random places, supervising loading sites etc etc has been very interesting. Thank you Jouni for all the great things you thought me that will surely help me along life in the future personally and professionally! Also Kari for all the support and knowledge sharing through the whole time! Hope we will work a lot together in the future too!

Took a quick visit to Tianjin for a job interview, let's see what comes out of that, it's just 30 minutes outside Beijing with the bullet train.

Now I have about 1 month time to do whatever I want...and what better way using it than going to the south where it is warm, clean, good food and sunshine everyday! Singapore, here I come and from there further to other places around Asia!

Welcome to Kambangan for the next 3 weeks ! 

 Don't know if someone put the turtle in the river or if it's a wild one...

 Cat at local lunch place having a strange positioned nap, awww
 World's third largest port, so many cargo ships here
 And it's SOOOO green! Really wish Beijing was cleaner

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