Friday, March 29

Towards Buckets and Beaches!

Thailand here I come again! Roberto moved to Phuket a few months ago and since flights from Singapore are really cheap to Phuket, I got on a plane after a few days chilling in Singapore. Jetstar have pretty good tickets straight flight, they got me the bigger seat without any extra charge too. When I arrived I bought a minibus ticket but there was no bus...after waiting 45 minutes I just took a cab and had to pay 4x the price...

Useless ticket...probably because it is low seasons and I landed after 21.30
Home crib! Very close to the beach and Bangla Road where everything happens
Take your proteins seriously :)
High tech kitchen
Backyard is nice and pool always empty...
Getting some serious tan!!
Patong beach

 On low season now in March there were not too much people either
 Patong gang

It's been between 30-35 degrees everyday and no rain what so ever. Ice cold coconut taste amazing in this weather
Bangla road!!, where dreams come true, phones disappear and you meet the most random people. A lot of "long time tourists" work here by standing outside the clubs from 22-02 and getting people into bars, they get some small pocket money for it so they can manage rent etc. Met so many Scandinavians here doing so and all are about 20-24 years old and have been here for months doing so. The police have been raiding the spots where these workers are and if you are being caught "working" here as a tourist there is a 45 day imprisonment waiting for you. In daytime this street looks just normal, at 18.00 they close it for traffic and it becomes this walking street with bars, girls, ping pong shows etc etc whatever you can and cannot imagine.

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