Sunday, March 24

Tiger Brewery in Singapore

Of of the most famous beers in the world comes from Singapore - Tiger! The Tiger brewery factory is located in the west side of the city, take a subway to Boon Lake and then bus nr. 182, 6 stops (or ask the driver) and you will arrive. There is a tour every hour that you have to join. I arrived just when a little late for the tour so had to wait 1 hour. Luckily had my laptop with me so could watch some new episodes of Walking Dead I just downloaded. 

Before entering you had to leave your passport in the guards office, was a bit worried about it because without I would be in a lot of trouble. The China working Visa takes a lot of time and paperwork to renew, not to mention waiting for a new passport. 
The tour started 13.00 and we went around the factory and got to know how to brew beer and a bit about Tiger Beer's history. We also got to pour our own pints and learn how to do so correctly. After the official tour we went to the "tavern" which is a bar for Tiger employees. There we could have as much beer for 1 hour as we wanted + some snacks. This is probably the best 10 euro tour I have ever been to!!! Really worth it because you can drink as much as you want and also eat snacks while getting to see how the whole beer process works. 

The 100th million beer! Already in 1968, wonder how many there are now served...
 Different prices, old bottles, merchandise etc for Tiger
Getting our own beer poured
 My own poured glass :) Ice cold beer when it's 35 degrees outside taste amazing!
All the brands that are produced here: Heineken, Guinness, Anchor, Baron, ABC and Archi Pelago

Roasted grains for production
 Bottle control, defect bottles will be taken out of the line
We were not allowed to take pictures inside the factory but making beer work like this: 
1.Malt mill - Malt is cleaned, weighted and stored in a silo. The malt is then crushed and separated from the husks
2.Mash Tun - Warm water is added to the crushed malt heated in stages to produce mash
3.Lauter tun - The mash filter is separated from the extract, or wort, from the husk
4.Wort copper - Hop extract is added for a distinctive aroma and bitterness and the wort is boiled
5.Cooling and fermentation - The wort is cooled and yeast is added during fermentation to produce beer
6.Storage - Beer is stored till it matures and develops its final stage of taste and flavour
7.Filtration - The mature beer is filtered to remove yeast cells and coagulated protein particles to achieve a sparkling bright brew. Whole process takes about 8 weeks. 

Tiger's factory in Singapore is one of the only fully automated beer factories in Asia so there are almost no people in the factory line.
 After the whole tour we were invited to the Tiger Tavern to drink as much beer as we wanted for 1 hour. The record is 13 glasses in that time 2 years ago. Somebody was thirsty...

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