Thursday, March 21

Back to Singapore

Last day in Penang was a bit of driving and chilling around. It has really been a HOT trip! Sunny with 35 degrees daily. One of the days I came to the hotel room 8 pm and feel asleep, slept a good 12 hours before getting up. Super tired after driving and walking all day in the sun. And the amount of water, kopi and beer that has been consumed is a LOT. 

Saw this cool ship looking restaurant when passing the area where all the 5 star hotels are build
Buying petrol in Malaysia is really cheap, only about 50 cents
Coming back to Singapore took 4 more hours than it should have. The ride to Penang was only 9 hours while the bus-ride back took over 12 hours. Not sure why, didn't seem to rain or anything else on the way back. Still a 3.5 hour difference is quite a lot. 

Much like Penang, Singapore is also very very multicultural. In the subways and bus stations everything is written in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Hindi. There are a lot of temples of all kinds scattered around the whole city. People in the street look all different here. The Financial district in downtown kinda reminds me on the Pudong skyline, loads of high office buildings and everything is glassy, classy and new!

One tourist attraction point is the Thian Hack Temple, I passed it in the morning and there were a lot of buses, just after lunch it was almost empty so I could get some better pics. 

 Daytime it's just cool looking but.... the nightMarin Bay turns so beautiful at nights

Loads of young couples taking their wedding pictures by the bay
 In the evening to Glutton street for some good BBQ! 

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