Monday, September 28

Capital of Scandinavia

Love coming back to Stockholm in the summer!! I booked my hotel in Stockholm about 2,5 months ago and even then they didn't have anything else than a hostel to spare. Asked around and there seems to be loads of conferences + events for the week. Well I got myself a small cellar room in a hostel in old town, always wanted to live there. However 4 days 20 feet below ground and with walls so thick there is no wifi or cellular connections...Was good for one time but enough. Next time I'll be above ground!

Weather was perfect everyday, winter is coming and next time I'm here there will probably be snow. This city is just beautiful.

Oldtown always as beautiful 

 The iron boy, already getting ready for winter

 You can take submarine tours now, that's new


 Zyzz of Stockholm 
 Birds also getting ready to move for the winter

 Kings & Queens 

 Nice craft beers and home made hot dogs at The Hairy Pig 

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