Thursday, September 3

Dedicated to worlds greatest Grandma

Amazing week in Japan and back to good old Shanghai, but not for long...Now begins a fast forward travel set of about 2 months.

Hania continued with us to Shanghai and had a lecture about infant stomach problems at Shanghai New Children's hospital. Was really modern and nice, did not expect it. Other Chinese hospitals I've seen have been very far from what this was. Was up to Europe standards. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs the whole week, not much sightseeing to be done. Some kinda Typhoon was passing by and caused some casualties in Philippines.

The Chinese really carry everything from Japan to China...Food, rice, rice cookers, soap, face masks, shampoo, toothpaste. Damn, business is good there. And products are obviously totally crap back home in mainland, or just so much more expensive. 
 Rain keeps falling, can't even see most of the skyscrapers today 
 Most of Pudong in the mist and rainclouds
 All the 3 high towers gone
 It's good to arrive in time
 Some giveaways
 Full house
 Healthy children take Reuteri 
Grandma just passed away last night. You were the kindest person I know, always putting on a smile and making everyone in a good mood. In 31 years I have not heard you complain a single time! When I was a kid you took so good care of me and helped me with everything. Walking around the woods in your forest an teaching me things about nature and wild animals. Swimming in the lake, fishing fish for me in the pond that we kept as pets. Took car rides into "Tenala City" always buying me massive ice cream. My memory of you will never fade, I wish I could have been home more the last months to see you more but luckily we had the chance to talk on the phone a few times every week. Love you grandma and miss you dearly.
 Park Hyatt Shanghai
 Time to go to the airport again, finally launch our products in Vietnam! I'm a bit nervous because I will have a welcoming speech for 300 doctors and other official people in Hanoi in 2 days...

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