Sunday, September 20

Singapore - Universal Studios

It's been about 3 years since I "lived" here for some time...Figuring out what to do with my life. Not knowing what will come. Was a great time to just "be" but at the same time worrying what to do with the future. Still had a little money saved up back then so did a lot of travels in Malaysia and Indonesia those months. And ofc chilling on the beach in Kembangan. BUT one thing I totally missed when I lived here was Universal Studios! I didn't even know there was one!

Landed on a Sunday morning and thought it was high time to go check it out, is it as good as in US? Let's find out..

Enter the land of movies! 

Transformers ride is a bumper card in darkness with moving screen. It really feels like being there and you get thrown around with 3D glasses on while robots are chasing and beating you. Felt a bit sick for a few minutes after the ride because it was super intenseness and the screen had been flying around throwing my senses off. 
 Optimus! He talks about defeating Megatron now and then 
 The Mummy ride is amazing, it's a roller coaster in a complete dark space. It stops now and then and then lights go on a horror shows and then it starts moving again. REALLY fast! 

 Jurassic Park World is a perfect place for the kids to study dinosaurs, and if you wanna get wet on a scorching Singapore day 

 The Lost World! They really done an amazing job, and you can hear the Jurassic Park soundtrack all around, EPIIIIC
Roar :)
 Great pose...
 Feels amazing being here 
 Dance dance dance 
 Elmo has some cookies for you 
 Welcome to Duloc! A Far away land of Shrek 

 4D Shrek movie, was exactly the same as in US

  Food anyone? 
Went to the beach after Universal Studios. They are both on the Sentosa island. Chill Sunday after a night flight from Delhi and being in messy India for a week...

Sunday champagne 

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