Tuesday, September 22

Marina Bay

There is something in this country / city....I have a feeling I will live here later. Many many good memories from you Singapore, specially from the time when not knowing what will happen.Travel, sleep, eat, drink, beach and just switch brain to off mode. Once in a lifetime you can do that 14 months! Went up to the Marina before flying back to Shanghai.

Had to take a stroll to Marina Bay, top of the world! 
Amazing design
Fullerton Hotel, one of the oldest. And also most expensive
Magic trees

Mini Venice inside Marina Bay
Zoom in, that place had awesome breakfast last time

Inside the hotel

 Massive haze comng over from Indonesia as a result for burning all kinds of stuff. Some official there was arrested because of this I read few days ago.
Stefan you remember when we went to this?
Like capsules 
The Merlion
National theater
Floating football pitch, talk about making it central
Up in the Marina

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