Thursday, September 24

Back to Finland, a final farewell to Grandma

It's great to go home again, I feel like it's a million years since I was here. But it's barely 3 months...Just so much have happened during this short period of time.

Was down for a few days after grandma passed away, she was the sweetest and kindest person I ever known. I never heard her complain even though I know she always had a quite bad skin disease. I never saw her angry or say a single bad thing about another person. That is character which I have not seen in any other person. Love you very much grandma, may you rest in peace. We miss you dearly.

You'll always be in our hearts and minds

You deserve 99 roses and candles but since you insisted on a "simple wedding" we made it so
Love the wild blueberries 
All the cousins together
One generation older than us 

You used to sit here and fish for us, the bread on the hook was suppose to be semi moist so it fit well on the hook. Memories to cherish 

I spent so much time at this place as a kid...

The watch. It always made a squeaky sounds. And how many clocks home makes a ring sound on each hour that passes? Oldschool!
Family looked a bit different 20 years ago. And so did I 
Your birds you so much liked. Every day making nests and food for them 

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