Saturday, September 19

Taj Mahal - For Love

Another bucket-list thing done. Last time I was in New Delhi felt so crap I could not muster the strength to even get myself out of bed. Let alone sit a whole day in a car to Agra. This time 6 days in India and not a single stomach issue! Thank you BioGaia products :) And probably also because Marriott & Meridien has "better than streetfood" hygiene...

Rented a car for 6 am in the morning to drive me out to Agra. It's a 3 hour drive out of Delhi. The sky was clearing visibly while we were driving. Delhi is seriously badly polluted. Not even Beijing and Shanghai are like this. So far the only worse I can think of is Lahore. 

The Taj Mahal is a tomb build for the kings wife. He had many wives but only one he loved and this was to be her final resting place. She did not even know that the king was building it before it was done. Took 22 years to make and cost a LOOOOT of money. The king wanted a build a replica but black Taj Mahal behind this one. But, his son stopped him and put him into the nearby fortress as a "prisoner". Reason? Because it would have bankrupted the whole kingdom to build a second one, and specially in black marble. Too bad, because today it would be an amazing sight. After visiting the tomb I went to see the fortress which served as a "prison" of the king for 9 years before he died a natural death. He was buried alongside with his beloved wife. What crazy things we do for love...

Early 6 am sunrise 
Big roads, and all empty
Stopped on the way for a break, locals sleeping in the bushes
 And some people watching from the car...

Bananas anyone?

Only in India

It's not an urban legend that people travel on the roof
Tuk tuks 
 BMWs & Buffalos on the road
Gate to the Taj Mahal
 Each cone represent 1 year of building the Taj
 Here she is!

 LOADS of people, each day about 12.000 visitors
Amazing craftsmanship

Inside the Taj, the tomb of the kings wife and himself

2 side temples, identical on left and right
4 minarets to create a look that the Taj Mahal actually feels larger. Each tower is not big enough to crush the main building IF it would fall. Smart!

Red red red
They make a lot of marble crafting in Agra, big income for the city
Slow work, small colourful rocks are glued to the marble forming beautiful formations

The final work looks amazing, and this marble is special and responds to light

Reaching the fort or "prison"

 Amazing crafting
 Taj from far


Was an amazing day! Now to the airport and night-flight to Singapore

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