Tuesday, September 8

Mumbai - Slumdogs & millionaires

This city is seriously controversial...We are living in a 5 start hotel and just next to the hotel can see the slums where people don't even have toilets or running water. What a world we live in...My last encounter with Mumbai ended with a real bad food poisoning. This time I had no problem whatsoever. It's so poor and miserable for most of the people here. If you ever complained about your life come to Mumbai a few days and let's see if you want to complain more. Everything will seem like meaningless complaints after this. Traffic is awful, there are kids and loads of other sleeping on the street in the night. Everything is dirty, you can't eat anywhere else than nice hotels to be sure your food is OK. 

Had a transfer at Singapore, they have a huge indoor and outdoor garden. Not many airports I know where you can actually go outdoors.

The Slums, and these are the most common buildings in the whole city. Even when landing at the airport, this is the first thing you see 


Meanwhile on my side of life...

Breakfast is served
REAL Indian food
Super nice place...but on the other side of the fence a very different story
This side of povery
Keep them out 

Oh yes I did
Wifi in the car? Yes please, a very pleasant journey indeed
Sun sets over Mumbai  
 Took a hotel car to the meeting I had. After the meeting had to get back to the hotel somehow. Took this tuktuk, was a bit crazy sitting in this tiny thing on the highway. Gave him a 40 rupee tip (about 50 cents) and he smiled up like the sun!
 Streets look like this all over the city

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