Wednesday, September 23

Pumping iron in Shanghai

My first time to a cross-fit gym, would probably join this one if I spent more time in the city...Amazing none the less! Thanks Fred for the beer at Swedish club. 

A day isn't much time but managed to maximize my time pretty well before leaving again. Airports and Airplanes made me think of that song. Use to listen to their albums a lot before. 

Swedish beer party. They have started producing sausages with Swedish recipe in China now. It's actually really good! Exactly like home! All the sausages I tried in China before have been more or less disgusting. But this one works! Good job :) 
Thanks buddy 
 Not only is it good but can is really cool 
 Real genius who put this up...
 There is always that guy...Don't be that guy 
 Pumping iron! I just love this gym!! 

 Trying to eat clean, def training dirty 
 Weak, fat, lazy, slow, dumb. Well I'm none of those things anymore. Never felt this good as I am now in my whole life
 Fred, the man of Power 
 Roll some wheels and run up the wall 

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