Tuesday, September 1

Shinkansen to Sendai

Forth time in Japan but first time a little further out than Tokyo. Took the bullet train up north to Sendai for a lecture and also doctors expo for paediatric products. Was a smooth ride :) The hotel in the center of the city was amazing and served food with a fantastic setup on the top floor.

Early morning I had 3 hours time so went jogging up in the mountains to look at castle ruins and a famous shrine. Very beautiful here and so calm! But suuuper sweaty, air 100% humid and around 30 degrees. Was soaking after coming back. Quick shower and off to the expo.

First time on a Japanese bullet train
Passed this infamous place, Fukushima 
Sendai at night, too bad it was raining. View would have been fantastic otherwise from the 35th floor

 Check in with style
 A reflection right out of Mordor...Looks so much like Saurons all watching eye! 
Not made of sugar
 No cars, no people...Saturday morning feels like a ghost town. Spirited away? 

 Pretty house 
 Zuihoden shrine 

 Museum for the old artefacts 

 Castle ruins in the mist...Laputa? 
 Aoba castle ruins 

 Rain stopper, believed to bear good weather 

Promoting child health 
 Obento lunch box set 
 Biogaia lecture 
 We are all 90% bacteria!! 
 Super awesome tempura set at Westin 

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