Monday, September 14

New Delhi - Namaste

Capital of India! Last time the air here was horrible, a yellowish grey layer of smog was hanging over the whole city and you could smell burnt coal everywhere. Now it was a little better, definitely some smog in the city but the stench of burnt was almost gone. Had some time to go see Akshardham + others after work. It was not allowed to take a camera inside. It was a piece of art! The thousand of carvings along the walls were amazing! The tuktuk driver also took me to a Sikh genocide temple that marks the 1984 killings. Have to take off your shoes before entering and cover your hair. There was one Sikh who wanted me to take pictures of him, turned out to be really funny ones. After the Sikh temple the driver drove me to Laxmi temple for Hindis. This city is so rich in culture and religion. If you are planning on going to India for culture and history, just stay in New Delhi. The other places have nothing like this and it's somewhat clean here too. 

Pretty nice view from the hotel, but like you can see pollution is really there. My throat started hurting about 2 hours after landing in Delhi. 

The hotel had a quite cool design. It's pretty much a copy of the Westin in Hyderabad 
Upside down or from above? 
copy paste copy paste copy paste 
Got tired of Indian food....
Good morning 
Thought I might as well cultivate myself and walk to the National Museum right outside the hotel. Nice beer-belly dude 

Let's watch some stars 
Like in Thailand 
Nightmare before christmas anyone? 
British India 
It was all yellow 
Dat face, when you haven't cleaned the dishes, left you clothes around on the floor and don't answer our phone. We all seen it :D 
Rhino on a Segway, yes probably Mona 
Something you see everywhere in India. People randomly sleeping in the streets. Women and children too. 
Laxmi Hindi temple 

Loads of these guys had infiltrated the temple
Marble horse 
Tight security 
More cool carvings 
"Credits will do fine" 
Click away
Sikh genocide memorial Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

His first face was like this. Then his friend told him to smile. Smile dude! And what a wonderful smile we got :) Sikhs are cool! 

Get a coin for shoe storage 
Next to the temple there were these old old dudes sitting under the tree. Looked like 100 years old. And as if they ha always just been sitting there. 
Amazing! You have to go here when in Delhi, the work of art here is mind-blowing 
Gate of India 
Presidential palace 
How everybody rieds around the city. And it's very very cheap. Safe too :D 

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