Friday, September 4

Hanoi - Biogaia product launch

It's finally here! After a year of loads of work, effort and time put into this it's time for the product launch! I want to thank my amazing partners BioVagen that I'm really proud of for working so hard and making this possible! The launch event was amazing!

Hanoi opera house 
 Happy 70th birthday Vietnam 
 Few bikes around the block 
 Halls of Sofitel Legend, build in 1901 by the French, probably the most amazing historic hotel I ever stayed at!! If your in Hanoi you HAVE to see it, or stay in it. If you don't want to stay in it then at least have a drink in the bar. My recommendation is the Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin himself stayed here about 100 years ago and they still have his signature drink. Yum Gin based! Any Gin lover should have a go at this drink. This hotel also have a war time bunker that was actively used for 50 person during the war. If you stay at the hotel you can take a free tour to it.
 All design is old original and it is super well maintained
 Blue blue pool
 Charlie Chaplin 
Check-in with style 
Hallways, where the most remarkable people in history all walked

 The new wing
 Amazing huh? 

 The whole courtyard from the new wing 
 The presidential suite, just fantastic 

Signature 1901 
Nice living room, Brad Pitt also stayed here 
 Found about 1 year ago the best steak restaurant, strange that it is in Hanoi. But they do make the best beef steak I have ever had. And for a fair price too! This 350g baby here was soooooo good 

 The owner always brings a few shots of sweet vodka after the food
 Then you can order more drinks after done eating...
 Was really raining cats and dogs
 Cong Caphe, one really awesome coffee shop in the old quarters 
 Best coffee in the in the world is in Vietnam 
 I don't know why but I really like this light, feels like Pellinge somehow (my summer cottage)
Old Quarter
 Mmmmmm, kebab
 Shopping Hanoi style 
 Freshly dried clothes 
Memorial frames 
 Found a rooftop bar at Tirant Hotel in Old Quarters. What a view!!
 Few bikes :) 

We are top of the world !! 
Old Quarters looks different by night 
In memorial of the dead people, burn paper that looks like money
Street food yumyum
 BioVagen launch, the dictator has spoken. Drop the mic 
Welcome to the show! 
 So this is why I was a little bit nervous, was quite the crowd

 Interview for local TV 
 Officially started now! Congrats BioVagen
 Went to meet some doctors are hospitals, the hospitals here are sooooo huge and there are so much people in them. Patiences usually have about 5 - 10 minute consulting time with the doctors. Thats not very much to analyse someones condition. 
 Hanoi West Lake, that hotel in front is where I spent my first night in Hanoi. A year ago I could not have imagined that things would turn out like this! 

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