Wednesday, April 1

To India - Jai HO!

Colombo was way better than I expected. Didn't know if it was going to be dangerous or dirty or what. It's been quite a troubled region for 30 years...The kind of place you don't really hear people going to. The visa was easy to get, just fill in an only electronic formula on their webpage, pay it and done! Cost 30 USD.

Second time to India now, last time it was horrible with the food poison...Let's hope this time will be better. At least I don't have to visit Mumbai on this trip. Only 2 days in Hyderabad and then I'm out!

Transfer via Chennai, the security guy obviously had some issues with me. He told me to empty my bag of any kind of metal objects? Really? Keys? Yes also keys...HUH? + any small items. He just looked like he really despised any kind of people who were NOT Indian because he didn't say anything to the locals. So I emptied my whole bag of any kind of metal items in it...and surprise, no bombs or other dangerous items were found. And this was a TRANSFER! No wonder it's not a favourable place to transfer....

Transferring between International & Domestic. They also have bed and bath! Wow
This guy at security....
 So many chooses at the Chennair airport...Wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole though
 Lounge was full and there was nothing decent to eat Straight to the Irish Hangover after that. Ordered a burger and only realised afterwards that SALAD is really bad to eat. Ended up just eating the chicken steak that was fried, yum....
Up again and towards Hyderabad
 Arrived later in the night, the hotel was kind enough to pick me up from the airport for free
 This was nice 
 Architecture cool ! The middle was just air and a straight drop down 

 Really wonder what was going on here...
Nicely made "poolbar" 
Morning coffee up on 30th floor 
This place could be anywhere...Tech park area of Hyderbad looks quite developed 
 Had a quick lunch meeting at the Hyatt hotel. They had a cake shop there with loads of funny looking cakes 
 Grand Hyatt lobby 
 Drive 5 mins away from the tech park and it looks like this...Loooooong way to develop 

 Local butchery...
 Transfer in my favourite airport, Changi - Singapore 
 And back in Shanghai....10 degrees and rain! No waaaay to get a taxi at the airport, luckily there is UBER to help. My driver had some funny dolls in the car

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