Wednesday, April 8

Phillip Island - Penguin watching

Had a friend in town who said I really should join them on the tour to see Penguins. Penguins, here in Melbourne? YES! Did not know they have it, after looking into it I found out that it is one of the biggest attractions just outside Melbourne. Well since I didn't do it last time I'm definitely doing it this time.

The bus ride was a few hours and we stopped and a few places to pet some kangaroos, see a chocolate factory and an amazing sunset before going to the final destination to watch the penguins come up from the sea. The "penguin march" doesn't start before 8 pm and happens every night. They bring food up to their nests. So cute! They didn't really allow photography there. I can imagine why, imagine 500 people every evening with flashing cameras. The small fur balls would more away quite fast if they be creeped out every night with that. Luckily I got 2 shots without flash in the dark.

Maru Wildlife Park 

 The lazy guys, wonder how they ever survived...
 Where did it go??? 
 Like a boss

 Albino incoming 

 Looking good today
 Go nuts
 Bright light, stop for dinner 
 Ray of light 

 And the main attraction! 

 Was a very cold night to sit and wait for the little fellas, from 26 degrees to 15 suddenly 
 Don't drive over us 
 Look at them run! 

I usually always take the seat BACK in the plane, chances that you get 2 or 3 seats for yourself is by my experience the best then. Can sleep, watch a movie with the computer on one seat tray and food on the other. Win-win. But on this Quantas flight to Perth, there was a "private seat" in the back of the plane. Wonder what for...?

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