Friday, April 10

Perth - First time in Western Australia

Always been at the east coast in Australia, Easter came in good time so there was some time to check out the western part of Australia too. The domestic flight from Melbourne to Perth was about 4 hours!  Australia is such a massive place...


Perth is a super neat and quiet little place. The parks and everything green is cut and managed so well that it almost seem too perfect. Everything is neat and tidy! You really have to see the whole city to get what I mean. There are some skyscrapers but it does not really feel like a big city. Also many kilometers of beaches with sand as white as marble! Fantastic go jog around the seaside. Seems to be a great place to have a family at or while being older. 

First night a walk and "introduction" to the city. Figure out what I want to do here the next 3 days. 
 City of churches said Stefan. Yes it's true, there are so many churches in Perth. I wonder why 
 Changing colours 
 Lived just 25 minute walk outside downtown at an AirBnb apartment on Shepperton rd. Really nice area and quiet 
 View from the place I stayed at 
 Victoria Park 

 Swan lake promenade
 Lake is full of black Swans 
 and also jellyfish, would not want to swim here
 The Bell Tower
 View from the Bell Tower
 Add a 2 dollar coin to a machine and the bells will start playing
 One of the old bell players at the museum upstairs 
 You can buy a lock of love in the tower, they engrave it and add it to the fence by the promenade
 Pure white sand! Ready for a 20 km jog on the beach! Spent about 9 hours walking and jogging from the southern part of the beach all the way up north. Totally did a 40 km walk today. Got a lot of color too, luckily there were some clouds so the sun wasn't that hot. Although it is Australia so it's good to apply sunscreen from time to time. Not fun to burn
 Cottesloe beach and some birds

 Found a strange looking fish that had been washed ashore 
 It's a good day to fish!
 This part was non-nude beach

 Little suburbia on Shepperton street

 Sun sets on downtown, it's always so red in Australia!

Bell tower

 Go corporate

Outdoor rave in Victoria Park, amazing music! 

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