Monday, April 27

Royal Kingdom of Sweden

Stockholm. The best city in Scandinavia! No matter how many times I come here, it's always like a fairy tale. Like the Paris of north :)Much nicer now when it's sunny and warm too, winter was a bit cold and slushy in December...Was a busy trip and didn't move much around town, just a biz dinner at Gondolen and some walking around old town (a must every time!)

Bye bye Helsinki-Vantaa
 Land of a 1000 lakes...and islands
 Stockholm incoming...Helsinki-Stockholm is probably the best flight I've been on. Both airports work perfectly, the lounge is awesome and its only 50 minutes in the air. When they serve your coffee it's already starting to ascend. 
 View from Eriks Gondolen, best restaurant view in Stockholm of Old Town
View from Eriks Gondolen restaurant. Probably one of the best in Stockholm
 Morning walk to the office...think blue is my new favorite color
 Woman in the sky outside the courthouse
 "Alcohol could damage your health" - Nooooo??
 Sunset by Slussen
 Klara Church
 Parliament and old town
 Bridge to old town
 Maybe you will win the Nobel Prize someday
 Gamla Stan, those small alleys 
   Take a ferry to Djurg√•rden

 Keep advancing
 Local newspaper office
 Main walking street - Drottninggatan
 House of knights

 Not so sure what this is :)
 How I miss the Scandinavian breakfast sometimes. Nom nom nom

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