Sunday, April 26

FINLAND! I'M BACK (Olen selkä)

Always feels great to get on the flight home, for some reason I also feel that this perticular flight always feels the longest in time...Then again the Finnair planes are not anything special. It's a LOT better than Aeroflot or KLM but compared to Singapore Air their quite bad. There is a new plane coming between Helsinki and Shanghai in October, looking forward to that and hoping the TV will be a bit bigger and better.

Got to go to the One-world lounge for the first time at the airport, thanks for this small upgrade Finnair. Too bad didn't feel much thirsty for booze 8am...
 The Shanghai airport is massive but still very slow. The customs line on a Saturday morning was about 1 hour
 Finally home! And Monthy came to have a nap with me
 And Chem :) Missed you buddy, sorry that I forgot you home
 Jetlagged, woke up at about 5 am...The sunrise is gorgeous, it's almost worth waiking up this early every day
Decided to go to the gym running when the sky is so blue! (And also because you didn't leave a key for my bike Stefan). I don't I think I would even notice the that the sky is so blue if I hadn't lived in China for so long where you NEVER see it as this blue. It can be kinda blue, but never anything close to this.
 Sökö, what is traffic?
 Hanikka Luontopolku

 Hey there Mini-Micke. Your awesome, totally beat me in Mario Kart!
Taking the subway...I think this is the first time since 2009! It's still orange-ish and smelly. There is only 1 line in Helsinki so you never need to worry about getting lost. It's very simple and straight forward. IF you still get lost then you deserve it. 
 My old University had asked me to guest lecture for the International Business Management and Business administration departments about Intercultural Business. I was super nervous about this for a few days. When standing in front of about 250 people I thought oh damn...How will I come up with stuff to talk about got almost 2 hours when my hands are shaking like a rattlesnake. A few minutes after I started talking I somehow managed to put the nervousness aside and then everything started flowing naturally. I hope you all who listened to it enjoyed it :) At least some of you came to give positive feedback, thanks! I think I now beat my stage nervousness I've had since a kid. The thing I most hated in school before was doing presentations in front of the class. 

Too bad the picture is a bit blurry...When I studied at this school I would NEVER have thought that I would be standing here speaking. AND that people would be interested in what I have to say.

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