Sunday, April 5

Melbourne Downtown & St. Kilda

This was the first city I ever came to in Australia about 2 years ago. It was Chinese new year + some extra holidays from work. Totally I think I spent about 3 weeks here but some days were in Tazmania doing a roadtrip. Feels like a really long time ago, as if much more than only 2 years would have passed. Let's see if it's still the amazing place I remember!

The bus from the airport to city has Wifi, great because my credits on my 3G card just ran out. Finding the hotel is easy enough too. Walking around does sort of feel like last time but it has missed this "new" and exciting touch to it. First get some work done and then enjoy a bit of Easter here! Last time I visited a lot of places but Melbourne Museum was still on my list, so here it starts...

 Royal Exhibition building next to the Museum 
Melbourne Museum

The outdoor museum garden 
 Like bugs? 
Meh :(
Night at the Museum 
 Darwins collection
 Almost like a Lego building
 Worlds first computer that could make music in early 1950s. They come in a lot more practical sizes these days. 
South & North bank
Downtown skyscrapers 
Looks like there was a good party 

Loving Guam
South Bank, lived just 100 meter to the left here before 
 Happy Easter 
 Skate or die, these kids are awesome at it! 
 Chilly Billy 
 St. Kilda Beach, spent many days here! Loads of bars, shops, sunshine provided. You can take tram 96 from the city center, just takes about 20 minutes to arrive here. Love it. 

Cakes in St Kilda!!
 Polly Woodside, a must see museum if your here the first time!! can be found by the south bank next to the Casino 

 Wonder what the occasion was for this 
 Hoisier lane, kinda feels like Berlin. Full of cool graffiti 

 And of course, China Town. Soooo many Asians live in Melbourne, the quality on Asian food here is soo much better than Shanghai or Beijing! 
 China town street art 

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