Saturday, April 11

Rottenest Island - WOW

After checking some things to do in Perth I found that they had daily cruises out to Rottenest Island, sounded good. After I looked at some pictures from there, it sounded amazing.

Got up really early in the morning because boat left at 8.30 already. Got a good seat in the sun and it was a very nice 2 hour ride. Some coffee while enjoying the amazing nature and "gold" on the water when the sun reflects the light. Just like being out on Pellinge.

Bye bye Perth

Gold on water
Arrived :) 

My plan was to rent a bike at the island but everything was sold out. Got a bit disappointed but couldn't be helped, decided that I would run instead. Started walking but the sea south and thought I would do the 11 km that was marked on the map. I had time until 15.55 the boat would leave back to Perth. It was about 11 am now so plenty of time! Loads of the terrain would not have been suitable for a bicycle so I was getting less disappointed that I didn't get one. The views are spectacular here! It is as beautiful as on Trawangan, that small island outside Bali in Gili. The sea is blue and clear, there are green spots in it because you can see the bottom at very deep areas.

Loads of wild small kangaroos around the island 

Found loads of lizards and birds on the Island, even discovered an old second world war bunker and accidentally got lost to an airport area and then massive salt blocks that were left from the dried up sea. This is a must see place! And will come back for sure! Next time stay over night here!

 Found Kingstown 

 White white sand! 

 The color of the water is dreamlike

 Planting new trees 
 World War 2 bunker on the hill

 Is it a tank? A train? Or what? 
 Since I didn't have a bike I strayed of the party into the jungle...
 Not super great paths in the woods 

 Got lost and walked into an airport 

 Found salt! Loads and loads of salt! 

 Must have been a pretty bad fire back at Perth 
 Dehydrate! Been walking with only shorts in the scorching 32 degree sun for 8 hours, WATER! 
 More wild dolphins 

 Back to town, a beautiful day it was! 

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