Saturday, April 4

Sydney - You gorgeous place

A loooong flight awaiting...Down all the way to Sydney this time! It's almost exactly 1 year ago since I spent my 30th birthday here. A loooot of things have changed since then and so many places seen! Could never had imagined that my year of 30 would be this rich of events - best year of my life by far!! Oh jeah, thank you all for the birthday wishes on March the 11th :) Didn't do anything special, just had a bigger dinner with all our customers from all over Asia who happened to be in Shanghai that day.

Got myself this new camera as a birthday the pictures you will see now are a bit better quality than before. Many of them are still though takes with iPhone 5S.
Soon arriving after an 16 hour ride via Singapore
Not much had changed in Sydney, the huge stadium project by Darling Harbour was still under progress. It's still that clean, nice, chill and super expensive place :) If you thought prices are high in north Europe, come down here and see. You will notice that the wallet (or credit card) runs out quite quickly of money. Had a weekend spare time to go hiking around Manly and it was gorgeous! Totally missed this place the last 2 times I was here. Was a LOT a walking the whole day but so worth it. High up on the mountains with the endless Atlantic Ocean as view! Nothing in between here before South America except for some tiny islands maybe.
A blimp over the skyline 

Wild dolphins
Found a wild Bandicoot! Or Bandicute? :)
One gigantic spider, I kid you not that it was over 15 cm long
Manly Beach
Don't know why I think of Silent Hills when I see these
The view!! 
Surf surf
Boat back from Manly to downtown was packed! 
When the boat came back there was an incredibly red sky. It's something you don't see in many places! 

Like 2 helmets
The bridge walk, cost 250 AUD / person. Haven't thought it would be worth that price, yet. You can see even more from the top of Shangri-las bar. 

Also went to Coogee Beach and walked all the way to Bondi, also amazing! Last time on my birthday didn't walk very much, just chilled in the sand with loads of microbrewer amazing beer! But here is what I missed that time...

Light in the end of the tunnel
Coogee Beach, my 30th birthday spot! 

After I had everything done during daytime I went walking around the city until around 2 am. Amazing at night view...The one and only Opera house. This will be the last time I keep walking the same harbour bridge in the night taking pictures of it. Quality does not get (much) better than with this camera!

Sun setting....Nice cloud formation 

 Maritime Museum
 Darlin Harbour
 And then some stuff at daytime. The Chinatown is quite big in this city, and there are so many good restaurants there! The Asian food here is better than in China, also much higher quality.

Overlooking Circular Quay
 Go up here to see Circular Quay like on above picture, Shangri-la altitude bar
 Had to come and take some of Harry De Rolls famous Pies & Hotdogs! 

 Took a quick peak at the Sea World, loads of massive aquariums made with sharks, stingrays, chorals, fish and other rare animals 

 Darlin Harbour bridge
                                                                        In your face! 
Passing this dude, again
 One evening went to the largest IMAX there is to watch Jupiter Ascending. Best screen I ever seen 
 Maritime Museum 
 Haha, one supermarket still had VHS tapes! 

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