Thursday, April 2

Back in Shanghai

That was an amazing trip! Already miss driving around, have to do it again!
Shanghai still cold, like really cold indoors. If it's 5 degrees outside you can bet that it's 5 degrees inside too. Have to out the AC on full effect and also turn on the heater. Air is dry and bleu. Also, the AC in my room is not really working too well so it doesn't even get "warm" during the night. Sort of hating Shanghai when it's cold. Been having a cough for 3 weeks already, when seeing a doctor he said that it's somekinda allergy. Not phnemoinia or other infections...Ok, allergy? I never been allergic to anything in my life.

For the next 2 weeks there will be a lot going on in Shanghai! We are having our Asia Workshop with loads of people joining. 1 week full of things to do. Also renewing my working visa so cannot leave the country for 10 working days, grounded :)

It's finally warm enough to ride scooter without freezing. Discovered a new street that I think I haven't been to before. It's close to the Yu Gardens. Stefan, I think we were riding just next to this place when we got lost in some small alleys in 2010. 
 Good old Windows, cheap beer, snacks and food. Every night 2 for 1 draft Tiger...And that's 25 rmb 
 Yo yo 
 Swedish beer night (although 3 Finlandssvenskar on the picture)
 One of the fist warm day, taking a nap in the sun. Obviously your coffee wasn't strong enough James haha
 On a rive cruise, the Pealr tower looks awesome in the night 
 The Cool Docks, loads of restaurants and bars here 

 Teppanyaki! Eat and drink as much as you want of all kinds of yummy food for 30 euro
 Pudong Skyline from Cool Docks
 HAH! Hede, here is part of your Chinglish that you wanted 
 Meow, found this cat in my house
 Brunch on a rooftop, it's finally warm here! Finally! But only this day...
 Some guy selling huge Teddy bears in the street...Yepp yepp, China
 Almost 2 hours of massage for just 10 euro, one of the great things living in China
Easy to smile at a Champage brunch, thanks Mona for the pic! 
 HOME! World map + friends and family pics 
 First time I see something like this in China....
 A presentation about working internationally by Finnish Business Council 
 Japanese slowly improving :)
 And so, it is time to leave China again from the good old Pudong airport...

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