Friday, April 24

Hello Manila!

As a city Manila isn't really a place where you walk around. Traffic is horrible. You can count with about 1.5 hours + to drive 10km in the city. When going outside downtown it gets reasonable...But all companies are always in the city which kinda forces you to just sit in the car to wait. The infrastructure is in some serious need of upgrade. Set aside the traffic, weather has always been perfect here. And this week a good 32 - 35 degrees warm sun/half cloudy sky is a great change to a cold Tokyo.

Went to a Scandinavian Orphanage farm called Children's Mission. It's been started by a Swedish person many decades ago. Today it's run by an awesome Swedish couple who have done a super job and offered hundreds of kids a better life and education. The Orphanage gets most of it's founding from Swedish companies but every every dollar is useful, you can also help! Just go here and check:

Learning how to fix TV's

Amazing view from Childrens Mission 
Even with all the cars, it's still not polluted at all like China 

"Eco Park", people chill and have picnics here
When we were driving from Children's Mission to Intramuros the police pulled us over. He wanted to confiscate the license...Well after about 20 minutes of talk and slipping him 10 USD he let us go. Fist bribed police in Manila, check...Intramuros is a small #inside the wall area" that the Spanish colonials build. One of the oldest stone cathedral of Asia is here and it was actually quite the beautiful area.
Enter the labyrinth
Amazing sunset
Cathedral Museum
On the wall

Manila Basilic
St. Augustin
Something to play while waiting for the food
A train? Something from the new Tim Burton movie? Steam engine?
This village only relies on picking garbage, sorting it and selling it....
Evening BBQ
Smash it

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