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AWESOME Tokyo - Must do's in the city

I wrote a story about Japan earlier this week but it has mysteriously been deleted? By who? Google? I’m now sitting in the phone in a 1 hour que waiting for them to pick up so I get to know what happened. Spent so much time on writing my last entry for Japan so I’m afraid this will be a bit shorter…Maybe the original will come back. And really hope this post does not disappear!!

Bye bye Shanghai, was a short visit
In between clouds
Walking around the first night....Spider by the Mori Tower. It was extremely freezing for April! Only 5 degrees when it should be about 20. 

First reason I even went to Asia was actually Japanese cartoons. I would have moved to Japan long ago but my Uni didn’t have any partner school there, closest one was Shanghai and so everything started of China there. Only been to Japan once for Timos wedding, super excited to go back and see all kinds of cool stuff J

Had an apartment with a pole, just in case you wanna dance or something. Right :D 

Warming your food in 7-11 seems to be popular.

First day we went to Hakone mountain, it was beauful there and the Sakura were still blossoming. Bucketlist check for Sakura, always wanted to see it! There were also really cool hot springs up in the mountain, totally natural since it volcanic. Took about 3 hours to the mountain peak from Tokyo downtown by trains and mountain trams. Was worth in though, must see place!

Waking up with this view is nice


Sakura by the mountain lakes! 

Sulphur, and loads of it

Tram to the peak 
Most of the day spent in trains

Second day we went have brunch above the city. What I mean above the city is view from the 50th roof with some beer and sushi. YUM & WOW! This is one great way to dine when wanting to get to see the city as well. 

Sushi with a view 

And this was outside the view tower, right! Oh jeah I forgot I'm in Japan. Nothing is weird here.

Blue Steel

Drum it

The food has been fantastic so far at every place. And service too! Here is one waited who was apologising for not speaking fluent english. Awww

Later in the evening we went to a show at Robot Bar. It was probably one of the most amazing things I ever seen! Massive robots, flashing LED lights, lasers, singing, dances, costums, strange plot and just super trippy. If you EVER go to Tokyo, this is a MUST do. Tokyo is not Tokyo without robots.

One of my favorite places last time was Akihabara. All the games, consoles, manga, anime, cosplay and geeky stuff can be found here. You can also go to a “maid café” where a maid serves you and talks to you for the amount of time you pay. Here you can also buy anything from thousands of vending machines, even used underwear.
Gameboy, SNES, NES, DS, PS etc etc. Retro games! And consoles! It's not too late to buy back those childhood games! 

The even have Mumin in the machines! 
Taito arcade
The land of games 


One of the busiest shopping areas is Shibuya, of you seen any films or tourist magazines of Tokyo then you have probably also seen this crossing. One moment it's empty of people and suddenly there are hundreds crossing it. 

Tokyo Tower has an exhibition of my favotire show, One Piece! The biggest reason that got me interested in all the Anime. Very elaborate exhibition, they had it all there. If you are an One Piece fan, this is something you can’t miss.

Tokyo Tower by night


This was not from Tokyo Tower, but can find these all around the city
Take your kids to the mall, they can ride some rooftop ferris wheel 
Last day we went to a quite "special" museum...The Cup Noodle museum. Didn't even know such excited...Well it does. Was so much cool stuff about noodles AND I also made my own スパ noodles there. Very crowded, people much love noodles. This place is in Yokohama, about 1 hour south of Tokyo by train.
UFO noodles from 1992 :)

Yokohama ferris wheel
and by night 
Some ramen? It's super convenient with these machines. Just add in the money and out comes a ticket. You just give the ticket to the kitchen and the food comes flying in. 
Food coming up :)

The lovely vending machine culture. 

some also very strange 

Some subway art...The subway network here is unlike any in the world. So many lines and trains. Very difficult to find if your not a local OR read Japanese. 
Didn't get much blue sky during the trip but at least a glimpse
Enter the mall of mirrors 
This place was something for me ! 

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