Sunday, March 1

Motorbike roadtrip Day 1 - It all begins in Dong Hoi

Finally doing this again! Last time driving around Vietnam was one of the best trips I have ever done: From Ho Chi Minh - Nha Trang back in 2011. This time it will be central Vietnam from Dong Hoi - Hoi An for 7 days and it's expected to be about 700 kilometers.

Took a plane down from Hanoi to Dong Hoi, one of the smallest planes I had in a long time. The engines were rotators, was hoping it would not crash when getting on-board. Was a very smooth 1 hour flight but one of the bag tags were gone. The girl at the Dong Hoi airport didn't want us to pass before presenting the tag. I told her to go look for it in the airplane cargo space, that didn't help. Had to wait for everyone to get their bags and leave before could exit. Oh well....Easyriders was were waiting outside the gate as they had promised. The bike was waiting on the parking lot and this time the helmet was actually good, not like a pot looking thing we were wearing last time.

Didn't crash even though the engines were kinda rubber-ish :)
Honda on the road! Bike is a 125cc so no high speed to be expected but how fast can you drive in the jungle and snakelike mountain roads...

First day's ride was quite short, in the sunshine to see Unesco cave heritage in Phong Nha National Park. This is the biggest cave I have ever been to, it goes on for hundreds of meters. If your a cave lover, this is a must see, beats all the others ones. One cave to rule them all!

Had to take a river cruise boat to get to the caves
 It was like watching a movie...and also being in it

 Amazing formations 

 Can only saw wow 

 Safe from the outside world
 Some awesome Pho to end the day with :) Only cost about 1 euro for both sets 

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