Friday, March 6

Motorbike Roadtrip - Day 4 - Hue

Hue is the old imperial capital of Vietnam from 1820 - 1945. I actually had no idea about this before coming here. We stopped at some pagodas on the way and then went to see the Royal Palace. With the incoming TET holiday festival the streets are PACKED with bikes, cars and people. If your not comfortable with very intense traffic and HIGH amount of people you might want to stay away :)

Red clothes = good luck during TET
We stopped at a few places before Hue to check out some massive Pagodas. The imperial palace was alas very impressive. It's is kind of a copy of the Forbidden City in Beijing but more in ruins because of the war with British, Americans and French. Thanks guys for ruining a beautiful palace.

If you liked Snakes on a Plane, how will you like them in a jar? Local moonshine! 
 Dehydrate yourself everyday with as many Vietnamese coffees as possible! 
 Some wild jack-fruit
 Arriving at Hue
Take a tour on a dragon boat....
 Thien Mu Pagoda

 A car that a monk used to drive himself to a public place and set himself on fire because he was protesting against the governments policy against Buddism back in 1963
 Yellow flowers for TET. Everyone need to buy some, brings good luck. These big ones can be very expensive though. Bigger is always better right? 
TET delivery
 Royal Palace, unfortunately the main gate under construction....

Second gate

 Middle courtyard 
 wonder what people passed this gate the last 200 years....

 Chuck mung nam moi!! Happy TET Vietnamese new year and thank you Bi for the dinner! 
 If I ever have my own bar, it will have the same sign! 
 Had a app that tracks the road, here is how we drove to Hue. The red border is Laos.  

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