Thursday, March 19

Motorbike roadtrip - Day 6 over the hills and far away to Da Nang

Another awesome mountain drive towards Da Nang! Following the mountain drive it was all seaside view. And it's finally above 25 degrees. LIKE! Birds view of Lang Co is amazing! This is really one of those crown jewels that has not been discovered by any tourists. Too bad the weather was a bit cloudy. During high summer it would be amazing, and VERY cheap. The ride from Lang Co to Da Nang was about 100 km and one of the most spectacular rides I've had. You will understand after you see the pictures...

We are stopping by in Da Nang most of the day and then stay and sleep in Hoi An, an ancient trade city! Loads of pictures will follow from Hoi An soon :)

Snad islands in Lang Co 
Fishing is a big industry in Lang Co, they are using these used bikes tires for something because I found loads of them on the beach. If anyone knows why, please enlighten me :)

This bike runs like a charm up and down hills! 

A resort in Lang Co 
 The hotel where we stayed at has an own chicken farm...Fresh or what?
A little further up the mountain we stopped at an American army base. I must say that whoever worked here had an amazing view...

 Hasn't been used for some time...

There were a lot of cows by the base
 Further up ahead up 600 meters in the mountains. Driving here is a must for every motorbike enthusiast! 

Fishing boats look kinda small from up here even when zoomed 
 Purple Hills

Massive Buddhist cave in the Purple Hills 
I must say this felt a bit Indiana Jones-ish :)

Purple hills
Biggest Pagoda in Vietnam, top of a hill 
 Da Nang skyline, beaches ahead! 

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