Friday, March 27

Phnom Penh horrors

Siem Rep was not anything I had imagined. So much tourists, bars, restaurants. I thought it would be very undeveloped and dodgy to be there. Well probably is if you move away from downtown areas but in the center it's no problem at all. Will come back someday, when season is lower...Time to fly to Phnom Penh! Took Ankor Airlines, it was so nice! It's a really new airline and they have really new planes. Better than Finnairs, but still not a member in any alliance. They said it was in negotiations, best of luck for that. It's seldom you get this good service on a plane these days..
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum...Pol Pot kept prisoners here, loads of killings and torture went on for years in this old elementary school building. Horrible stuff. The "rooms" you can see are tiny cells without any kind of running water, toilet or beds. Imagine a summer day here with 45 degrees, no food, constant beating, torture etc. How could this go on for 4 years? 

The Royal Palace skyline 
 Some happy memories too, choko fountain
Nothing better than a day by the pool in the sun 

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