Monday, March 2

Motorbike roadtrip - Day 2 to Khe Sanh

Second day of the roadtrip was the longest, we did about 180 kilometers total. Left the hotel early at 8 am already and set out. Day was kinda cold and had to wear 2 jackets. I was expecting sunshine, warm and driving in a sleeveless t-shirt but instead there was cool air and rain, great! Later in the day it luckily got warmer and the rain stopped when getting more south.

We stopped by an old memorial for the fallen Vietnamese soldiers in the American war. It was all very detailed decorated, each tomb. They really take great care for maintaining it. And it was veeeery quiet here up on a mountain. Peaceful and a good "resting" place.

Stopped by a small Pagoda by the lake, there was an angry dog that kept barking during the whole time walking around there. Take a chill-pill dawg.
 And the world is ours 

 Stopped for coffee at one place, when I went to the toilet I found these guys in the backyard. Oink oink, christmas comes early this year!
Didn't take long before all were up asking for food
The roads are actually really good all over the country! 
 Old US Airforce army base Khe Sanh. It was under heavy fire during the war but loads of bunkers and equipment left as it was 40 years ago! 

 Tank transporting plane, huge!!  

 Museum in Khe Sanh
You will find that not everyone uses a car yet by gas, this only produces mathane gas :D 
How a regular lunch looks like: Pho with lime & Coffee nomnomnom
Rice fields and tiny fishing boats on the way
 Looks like they are tearing down a whole mountain....
 Local farmer houses 
 Passed the immigration & customs to Laos
 Garlic piled nicely! 
Local market, they had amazingly good dragon fruit! 

 Local food: BBQ pork, noodles, fried spring rolls, sauce & some salad

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