Sunday, March 22

Motorbike roadtrip - Last day!

It's been some amazing 1000 km around central Vietnam! I really don't want to give up the bike, wish I could just take it with me home to Shanghai. Too bad the restrictions with licence plates and motorbikes are so troublesome. Would be great to drive something bigger than my electric scooter everyday.

Final destination was Hoi An which is a resort city by the sea and also a "culture" center with a lot of history. They have great tailors here, ever Archer mentioned in an interview that if you can't afford expensive custom made Italian suits, come to Hoi An. Took the bike for a last ride just 80 km outside the center of Hoi An to old ruins. The day was extremely hot walking around the jungle was sweatyyyy. I can't imagine how the soldiers felt fighting here in the summer heat.

 Not much left of these just a few days I will be in Ankor Wat and that should beat this by 1000 times...
 During the TET new year whole Hoi An old town was lit up with thousands of lanterns in all sizes and colours. It was soooo packed here, felt like half of Vietnam had found their way to Hoi An. There were outdoor games, concert, food and activities. You really have to be there to see it to understand how crowded it is. Like India just before their Dewali festival.

Small cozy hotel just in the center for 25 USD a night, they folded the towels into animals every morning :) 
The Japanese bridge, was build for transporting trading goods back a few hundred years ago 

There were loads of games, mainly for kids. This one was about placing your bet on the right "area" to win prices 
Some of the lanters were a bit more advanced 
Was cheap to buy lanterns home 
Light a lantern for good luck 
Bustling new years celebration in full great 
Just cruising, farewell dear Honda. This was an amazing bike, didn't have a single problem during the whole trip! The engine just needed some laps and driving around before it could run on neutral without shutting down. 
Check out the mini-buddha statue! 

Talk about an elaborate fountain 
Chuck mung nam moi signs everywhere! New year is a serious thing! 
Hoi An beach resort 
Hoi an seaside 

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