Wednesday, March 4

Motrobike trip - Day 3 Mountain driving

Left a little later this morning, only have about 70 km to go in the mountains! Nothing more fun than driving zigzag roads 600 meters above the sea with stunning view! The weather was half sunny half cloudy and up in the mountains it was a bit cooler. Didn't really stop at any kind of big attraction today but the drive up was better than any temple could offer! Check out the jungle!!

 Loads of cows, chickens and others animals on the way

 Bi's bike from Easyriders 
 Dog decided that the best place to chill at is the road, smart 
 Loads of fires in the forrest for agriculture 

 Plants drying 
 Laos in the horizon 

 Almost all cities seem to have a road called Ho Chi Minh
 Bi got some whiskey for dinner, finished the whole bottle. Can't say that Laos whiskey was the best I ever had...
 Local market at a village

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