Thursday, March 26

Siem Rep - Ankor Whaaaat? Finally here!

I've been planning on going to Cambodia very many times while living here in Asia but somehow it has never escalated. Now, finally it's happening! Time to see the famous Ankor Wat, Tomb Raider temple and other amazing buildings from the Khamer kingdom. It is truy fascinating how detailed the have crafted the temple and statues. And another reason, HOW did they manage to get all the stone blocks into the middle of the jungle. This project seems like one of Great Wall of China magnitudes. You really need to see this once in your life at least!

Bye bye beautiful Vietnam! See you very soon again :) 
Arrived in the night and took a walk around Siem Rep center...It was packed with bars, clubs and people! Beer cost less than a dollar here and food is awesome and cheaaaap. It begins well! 
Scented did not taste very special 
Spice up your life
How about some seafood? It's been there in the 35 degree heat half of the day smelling like it's seen it's better days. How much can I get some shrimp for lady? 
Some of the less fun memories in Cambodia...Pol Pot and his socialist friends who killed about 40% of the whole population 1975 - 1979. Memorial for that.
Wat Preah Prom Rath temple 
We got up at 4.30 am to see the sunrise behind Ankor Wat. We were not alone....the place was flocking with hundreds of eager camera tourists...My advice is do NOT come here during high season...Half of China was here since it is the Chinese new year holiday (that's why I'm not working either). This is one of the "cooler" times of the year, summers must be like a sauna here since it's been 35+ now everyday. 

Wooooow!! But look at the next picture....was not the only one there
3, 2, 1, take your pictures!! 
Ankor Wat inner courtyard

 Ankor Thom

 Ankor Thom
  Ta Prohm - The Tomb Raider temple

 Killer tree
 Ankor whaaaaat?!?! Nothing, sit down and have a beer

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