Tuesday, February 24

Halong Bay - Misty like Silent Hill

For the weekend booked a car and boat and went out on the sea to see Halong Bay. Had been told that it would be amazing! Chose a horrible day though. It was misty, cold and windy. Could not see almost anything...Except that it was less cool than Krabi. Maybe if it would be warm and sunny and I had an ice cold beer on the deck it could be enjoyable. This time it was not though. The caves we stopped by to see were great though! The rest not so much...well just look at the pictures and you understand. It did give a special element of ghostlike with all the mist though.

Setting out to the sea, the boats look like they are floating with all the mist

 Free like the wind 
Movie like 
 Entrance to the cave
 Cave was amazing! 

 Massive dripstone formations 
 Exit passage on the top 
The 2 chickens 
...and a third chicken 
 Old Quarters bar street, sort of reminds me of Sanlitun 8 years ago
 Sofitel Legend, evening coffee
 Rainy morning, some breakfast from the bike? 
 Chinese new years holiday begins! For the next 7 days will be driving motorbike about 700 km from Dong Hoi - Hoi An. up in the mountains, in the jungles! So looking forward to this! The plane from Hanoi - Dong Hoi still had rotator engines, they were a bit soft but we still landed safe :) 

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