Wednesday, December 3

Paradise @ Gili Trawangan

Been to many places with cool beaches and nice islands. But this one take the first price by far! The hotel in Sanur was near the beach where the boat left toward Gili, it cost about 75 euro round trip. The pick you up at the hotel and everything was really smooth. Boat ride was about 6 hours and at times a very bumpy. If you know you get sea-sick bring some pills for that because they don't offer any.

There are small hotels scattered all around the beach in Trawangan, the island is only about 5 kilometers to walk around. It was low season so my hotel was only 20 euros a night and I had a whole tree-house by the beach. No cars or motorbikes can be found on the island, only horse carriers that run around as taxi service. A very close to nature place. And it's just gorgeous here! Never want to leave! This is a place I will come back to 100% sure!!!

 The mystery tree in the sea
 Talk about good ice cream! :D 
 Chem having a by the sea breakfast
The treehouse 
small kitty came for dinner

 It's hot to walk around in 32 degree sunshine. You would get fried here without sunblock
 I'm literally a millionaire now
 Sunsets here are something everyone should see

The beach restaurant that has the best sunset view, always full of people in the evening
 Somewhere, over the rainbow
 Got tired of eating Indonesian tonight
 White sand beaches, nothing beats this. And it's totally empty everywhere. There are small shops that sell ice cold beer and coconuts while wondering around the island
The beach-bar
 A very comforting view to have breakfast at 
No Bite! Good luck with your swim
 Beach bum that has not shaved for a week, time to leave paradise. See you home soon Mom, get better with the "new leg" 

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Looks like kittens and puppies always get fed by you :D