Monday, December 29

Celebrating a beautiful Christmas, Merry merry Xmas to you all!

A few days before Christmas eve there was only rain and no snow. But suddenly on the 22nd in the evening it start snowing, heavily! In no time the ground was covered with snow and the next morning everything was white like in a fairy tale. We spent the Xmas with family on the 24th and 25th with relatives. Loads of different salmon and ham is so yummy :) So easy to eat too much.

So this is how it looked 22nd still in the morning, no snow 
Went for a run around the block, we have a viking tomb next to the house 
A glimpse of the sun 
 Got ourself a 5 meter tall Christmas tree this year, before....
...and after
 Main shopping street with Xmas market 
 Forum Mall had a bit of Bling Bling xmas decorations 
 Went to see the Hobbit 3 in the cinema, after we came out everything was white! 
 Morning waking up to a totally new looking place 
 Had a good 10 hour set of Diablo 3 :) It's awesome to have a huge projector screen 
 Pictures around Soukka 

Now THIS looks like Christmas! 

 There is a new ferris wheel in Helsinki! Was not here last summer yet 
 Getting some fish from the market, why don't they have this in Shanghai :( 
 Time to the out the shovels and get rid of the snow 
 It's a Christmas tradition to go and add candles to the the tombs of deceased relatives. 

 Taking a walk to the nearby beach, not really the best time for swimming but looks amazing 

 Xmas dinner served the 25th, nomnomnom
 Ludde looking very guilty when jumping in my bed. Was caught red handed
 Sunset at Hanasaari, this picture has not been edited in any way. The sunset was actually THAT red. Beautiful!!

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