Tuesday, December 23

Winter, winter is coming! But so is home!

It's been almost half a year since being home last time, now it's that time of the year again to go back to the north! I just had enough time to pack my bags in Shanghai before had to catch the next morning flight. The Finnair flight was full, the guy sitting next to me was taking up half of my chair and it got really annoying sitting next to this dude. And just so he would not get "disturbed" used earphones and an eyepatch. Hope the 10 hour flight back to Shanghai will not be like this...But whatever, so happy to go home can't be bothered much :)

 Fly blue! Siberia below, glad I don't have to spend time there anymore...If you want to take a look how it looks there, go back to my blog and look for MANZHOULI
Don't be like this guy when you fly. If you recognise yourself, keep you arms on YOUR side next time. 
 Hattifnattarna at Helsinki airport, a bit creepy but the are in our children stories :) Muumi
 First night with a massive rack of ribs and awesome beer. Thank you Ade for the amazing dinner
 Sunrise, it's time to take out the dog
Eddie in the park
Even though a bit jet lagged, this morning was so perfect I forgot all about it

So fresh air, so blue sky, so empty. So this is what north Europe felt like
Saluhallen! Food! By why these pictures? Because there is nothing like this in Asia! 

Missed the FRESH salmon
Core center of downtown, Sergelska Torget
Walking to the office in the morning. And what a beautiful morning it is! 
Only in Stockholm would people talk like this. Swedish speakers will get this...
Looking for the Blair Witch 
The copper tents in Hagapark, made out of copper in 1790. Was used as the kings stables before
Stockholm old town...No matter how many times I wonder alone in night of day I just love this place so much 
Like walking a history tour of the city 
The little iron boy...It's probably the smallest iron statue in the city but also the most famous 
Xmas market closed by night
Bridge between old town and downtown
Passing the bridge means passing the Parliment 
The Royal Opera house to the left
Want to dine on a ship? 
Stockholm CSI? :D 
Main walking street, Drottingsgatan
Get some workout before all that Xmas food! 

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