Saturday, December 27

Day cruise to Tallinn!

It's kind of become a tradition that every time I come home me and my best buddies go out for a day cruise to Estonia. My plane from Lund landed in Helsinki after 1 am and we had to be on the boat at 7.30 am. Leaving me about 5 hours or so to sleep.

Morning kickstart after getting on the ship: ordering Champagne and loads of coffee. After the food we found a place to sit at the boat for beer. Joe brought some glasses but threw away the water in them which later I laughed at because it was so stupid to do. We really would have needed it to dehydrate later on. "Varannan vatten" like I was thought once, means every other drink water. Who remembers this?  Sunday was gonna be a painful & long day...
Eckerö Line goes to Estonia 2-3 times a day, taking about 3 hours one-way 

What a perfect day to arrive! Or so we thought, later the rain started
After we arrived in Tallinn the time sort of becomes blurry. We went to walk around the old town, see the awesome castle and even had drinks in it. It's a beautiful city with history that dates back over 1000 years! 

Skyline of Tallinn
Gate to old town 
Castle walls

Christmas market in the center of the square is like any Christmas market in Europe during this time of the year. Loads of jams, bread, fish, hand-made things and some snacks with hot Gluchwein.

Was so awesome to come home and see all the best friends and have a blast partying the whole day. Welcome home Seba

Since 1991, still going strong  
The castle bar

 Run back to the ship in the evening to make it in time! 

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