Tuesday, December 16

Happy 97th birthday Finland

After a long night with loads of Snaps and great food it's time to put on the tuxedo and go and celebrate the greatest day of the year in the Finnish calendar. The Independence day! We are closing the 100th anniversary and now at 97 years old. A big big thanks to all of those who fought for the freedom of our nation in the war, your efforts made the country what it is today. A multinational nation with the best education system in the world and the home to countless international corporations! This 5.5 million population has done a big difference in so many things! Now let's celebrate that!

The event was organised by Shanghain Suomalaiset (Shanghai Finns) in the Peace hotel which is one of the oldest and most stylish hotels in Shanghai. The hotel was build buy the foreign powers in Shanghai about 100 years ago. It's an amazing place, come here for a drink or coffee just to check it out if you haven't been already. Also, the champagne brunch is awesome on the top floor on Sundays! The ambassador, Finnish Business Council and Shanghai Finns representatives all gave a speech and then the Finnish flag was carried out. And the national anathema was of course sung too! Shortly after that there was an amazing buffet and then live music. Dance dance the night away! So great to meet so many old friends and familiar faces!

Lookin' sharp guys! Was an awesome night!
 Who's been tanning? :) Think I need to spend some more time in Thailand
Ceremony starts and flag is carried out 

 Party is ON! 

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