Friday, December 19

Off to Hanoi

There wasn't much time left this weekend, on Sunday afternoon it was already off to Hanoi to make a meeting on Monday morning. Quick pack of my stuff after the independence party and then to airport.

Shanghai airport once again surprisingly empty in the morning. I hate flights that leave 8 am! 
Would be great in the summer to sip on a drink and chill
 Cool office view 
 The traffic here is something else, crowded and LOADS of bikes
 Pagoda by the lake
 Swagger Store!!! haha
 Better dead than red said USA
 Best spring rolls you find are in Vietnam
 Medical retail market, 8 floors of medicine and other health supplements. Amazing, never seen so much drugs in my life!!

The old French part of town

 National Museum, they call it the "American War" 
Rickshaw anyone? 
 The French opera house
 Turtle and Sword lake

 The old quarters begin here, upstairs of that building the food was nice and view pretty good over the lake
same Turtle & Sword lake
Temple by the lake
 Again one of those places that make you feel like a colonial king
 You know that the food will be lovely when they serve new-born crap!
 It turned out very non-crappy
Few shows...
 Welcome to my crib
 Need some meat? 
 Spice up your life! 
 One evening went to water puppet theather...the first 10 minutes was ok, but 1 hour is way too long. Loads of people fell asleep, including me for a dew minutes. Was kinda tired though
Some of the buildings look awesome! Like going back in time
 Wartime bunker 

 I had the best steak of my life in the most unexpected place. Hanoi! But it was at an Argentinan steak house. I got tired of spring rolls and Pho after eating it 3 days. 
 Vietnamese coffee. Love. I drink about 5-6 of these a day. It's the best coffee you can ever find. 
Put up your net in the street and wow, you have a badminton field

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