Wednesday, December 24

Back to where I grew up, Lund

Amazing to come back to the place where you grew up, although the weather right now is like the worse of the year. Just dark, rain and cold...Not the kind of weather you want to walk around outside no matter how pretty the city is...There were a few short periods of time during the evening/night when the rain stopped and I rushed out for a walk just to get a taste of the city.

The sun goes up around 9.30 am and then it becomes dark just around 4 pm....So not much light in the day, hence all the dark pictures. Around town for a walk
 The massive city "centre" 
 Christmas in town!
 Used to live in the building to the right on the second floor in April this year

 The famous Lund cathedral 
 Love coming to work here when there is amazing Fika every week :)
 Found by random a restaurant from 1568 
 Swedish "Plankstek", beef wasn't the best quality but 
 Main shopping street

 For a short time during lunch I saw the sky and sun for the first time in 3 days! 

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