Sunday, November 30

Sanur for 1 night

Last time I was in Bali it wasn't actually super enjoyable. The Kuta beach was overcrowded, too many sellers and other annoying people who wanted to take photos with me. Only stayed at the beach for 10 minutes and then it was enough for me. Nothing much to do in Kuta. But I heard from others afterwards that Gili Islands are the place you want to be at! So I stayed 1 day in Sanur because the ferry to Gili is here, off to Gili next morning.

Sanur is on the East side of the Bali island and that was a lot better than Kuta. Beach was alright, loads of stray (?) dogs were chilling around there. Plenty of bars and restaurants with beach view. Quite alright place but I could not recommend staying here more than 2 MAX 3 days...Sand isn't white like Gili and it's sort of "touristy" there.

Rugged beach-bum 
 Hail to Indonesia
 The perfect spot for Yoga
 Lazy dogs all over the beach
I posted this photo on Instagram. Not much later a dude from Poland wrote to me that he collects labels from Beer bottles and that he was missing a label from Indonesian beer. He asked if I could take the label and send it to Poland. And that I will! Merry Xmas random stranger :)
 Had to order this because it kinda resembles what mom makes, avocado with shrimps...Although this wasn't as good. 

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