Monday, December 8

A night in Kuala Lumpur

Had a flight that transferred in Kuala Lumpur for about 1 day. Haven't been here for about a year...really missed that giant chilli crab we had Von & Ade about 1.5 year ago. Had to go to the night-market and just wonder around. Enjoy the last warm day before coming back to a cold and wintery Shanghai.

Petronas Twin Towers watching over the city
Giant Chilli Crab, yum yum
 The Chinese night market 
KL TV Tower 
 This is what I called a stripped bike model
 The skyscraper city still tries to keep it green 
 Creepy shack
Kuala Lumpur was founded at this spot where 2 rivers cross. The National Mosque
 The airport is massive, so much connection traffic in Asia here

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